Sewing service in Etterbeek, St-Josse and Zaventem


You want to change the closure of your skirt?

Do you need to have the buttons on your dress or coat sewn on?

Find our sewing services in all our stores – Ex-Press Dry Clean !


The sewing work is done by professionals, seamstresses with extensive experience in the field. We assure you a professional work, perfect without any defect and answering perfectly to all your requirements.

Our sewing work is possible on your clothes, your linen or others and on request. If you wish to call upon our sewing service for a specific request, contact us now. Our team will examine your request as soon as possible. A price proposal will be sent to you for the work to be done, depending on the materials to be supplied and the time of the service. If you accept it, all you have to do is bring the product concerned to one of our stores in Etterbeek, Zaventem or St-Josse, according to your wishes.

Sewing work can be done with a laundry or dry cleaning service. You have sewing needs? We will respond as soon as possible.

Shorten skirt

Shorten simple skirt without lining 10€
Shorten single skirt with lining 12€

Shorten pants

machine washable (jeans type) 8€
with original edge 12€
by hand
(suit and classic type pants)
+ heel pads 12€

Shorten dress

Shorten simple dress without lining 10€
Shorten simple dress with lining 12€

Shrink pants

Size 12€
The whole leg 15€
From the knee 10€

Shrink evening skirt and wedding dress

Shrink skirt/dress simple or evening on quotation
Repairs/seams on quotation
Adjusting wedding dress on quotation

Curtains and drapes

Transformation of unlined curtain(s) and drapery(s) 3€/current meters
Transformation of lined curtain(s) 5€/current meters
Manufacture of curtain(s) and drapery(s) on quotation

Zippers* (zippers included)

Pants 12€
Simple skirts 12€
Jackets/anoraks (up to 65cm) 25€
Dresses (up to 50 cm) 20€

*We provide a range of classic colors. For any particular color, we ask our customers to provide the pulls themselves.

For any price request, please contact us.

For a sewing request on a pair of pants or to get a quote for sewing work on curtains or drapes, contact Ex-Press Dry Clean now. Our stores are located in Etterbeek, Zaventem and St-Josse!